First off, Merry Christmas to the people of Newgrounds and here's hoping you all had an epic year. Also, a little happy birthday for Kimba and Trippy, my two awesome cats who both turned 9 today <3

Well, I hardly thought I'd get any attention on this site.
Thanks for all the positive feedback so far. You guys are what keep me motivated to do the stuff I do, and I thrive on constructive criticism. Hopefully if I get enough comments I'll start putting some more WIP stuff up here.

Freakradio wise, we're working on the collaborative album "Radioactive Furries VS Poledancing Sharks". It'll be full of stupid random noises in a fast bpm, which should keep everyone happy. STEAMRAVE is also working on a Saw tribute album full of remixes.

Once again, thanks for the feedback!

Hey people! So, I've had this account for a while and never actually used it...
Until I get off my fat lazy ass and do something more with TP, I'll mainly be uploading MIDIS and other assorted audio to here. With time though, expect something more than just a lurker. Though, of course, I haven't used newgrounds much...